team of experts

With over 10 years of experience within the cannabis industry our team consits of experts that will help your business to reach the next level.

Creative Director
Web Development
Content Creation
Community Marketing

Marketing is all about experience and the thoughtful ability to transform each asset. Cities are full of advertisement and the internet grows by millions of documents every day. We do not only focus on mass, but especially care about the added value and quality of each document, campaign and work step.

Efficiency is getting more and more important, in order to build scaleable and resilient structures.

We guide you through the jungle of endless possibilities, use them and define necessity.

Cannabis is on the rise and a whole business sector is about to be redefined. Marketing rules stay the same but offer unknown possibilities for First Movers, that act quickly and lead by example.

The cannabis industry grows by leaps and mounds and even if the market seems to have a place for everyone, it is going to change in the next 2-3 years.

Be part of it und get a place in the German-speaking cannabusiness.

We establish your cannabis company on the German-speaking market

We focus on the German-speaking market. With over 800 established projects of over 500 clients in germany, austria and switzerland we are the leading full service agency for cannabis companies. We do not define ourselves on the basis of our customers or number of sales, but based on the satisfaction of our clients and each and every single success.

Over 1.200

developed websites in the last 10 years.

Over 600

happy and satisfied customers from 19 different countries.

More than 500

realised marketing campaigns including over 300 involved persons and more than 100.000 hours of work.


The decentralised team in our branch offices in germany, austria and switzerland always got you covered in need.

With our very first client we knew that normal working hours from 8am to 6pm don’t fit in our sector. A server can’t only cause problems within working hours and informations are not solely spread when just one person has a look – but everywhere and everytime.

That’s why we got our clients covered day and night, regardless if weekends, holidays, summer or winter.




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